Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello! Now prepare to die.

Death is everywhere. Everyone dies. However there are some people who do not die quite quickly enough, or in just the right kind of memorable way, to suit me.

Hence the acute need for this blog.

Here I will select candidates from among the very real rich and influential residing at the lofty pinnacles of human power and wealth. Then in a fictional setting engage them in witty repartee regarding world events, fashion trends and artistic expression. Eventually to just feed them whole and screaming with terror to a hungry jungle cat, pack of wolves, pit of snarling wolverines, or something else equally disturbing.

Yes I am a sick and twisted individual bereft of all moral compass. Therefore you will not want to miss this.

Posts will be as often as I am gripped with madness as suits me, or with the regularity of misdeeds by the aforementioned rich and influential.

I know, there is no lack of material. However I have other projects so don't set your hopes too high.

Kind regards,


  1. Feel free to feed Harry Reid to a tiger. Slowly.

  2. This could be seen as animal abuse ya know. WTF did a tiger ever do to deserve to have to eat some of the crap you propose to feed it.


Would you like to have someone fed to a tiger? We're happy to take requests! Cat food should be well known, wealthy and/or influential, and lack all redeeming human qualities. Professional athletes, bankers, media personalities and politicians are all fair game.